Friday, September 14, 2007

The Leopard Print Era

Being the thrifty lass that I am, I found this leopard-print crepe for $1/yard and bought what was left. First I made this empire waist dress, which I have yet to wear because now I need a full length slip - crepe is so see-through!

This sweet top came out nicer than I expected, I was still in my Very Thrifty mode so I didn't buy black lining fabric, which, were I to make a similar top, I would use, so I just used some tan fabric I had at home.

This blouse was a bigger challenge than I envisioned, my own mother said she wouldn't have attempted to make the thing, but it turned out very pretty and it looks great with a black camisole as in the picture, and some black pants and heels.

I still have a bunch of fabric left even after mom made a shirt for herself, but I stopped using it because my son would run by and yell "giraffe!" while pointing at the fabric. I suppose that's nicer than him running by yelling "big fat whale!" but still, I don't want him thinking mummy has all clothes from the same fabric. Ahem.

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