Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My big great fabulous suit

This is the big one, the one project I've been dreading, the one I kept putting off and off because it scared the heck out of me.
I found this gorgeous linen blend fabric with floral embroidery, it just took my breath away. Every pattern I could find for suits were too intricate, i.e. too many pieces, and I just wanted a pattern with as few pieces as possible so I wouldn't have to butcher the fabric.

It's probably the last time I ever make a lined jacket, because let's face it, I live in fricking California, but it was good practice and the fabric does itch a little. I did have some help from mom, but COME ON! Look at it, it's my biggest and fanciest project thus far and I am super happy with it.

Now, someone needs to get married in the fall/winter so I can wear the thing :D

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