Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pretty pretty plaid

This pretty plaid is going to rock with a plain gold top - which I still need to make. Because I need a gold top for about 7 different bottoms, so I better make it soon. Or, uh, make 7 different gold tops. Ya think?

Anyway, I like this pattern a lot, makes the whole schoolgirl plaid skirt thing a bit more lady-like and less tart-alicious.

The same dress pattern I used for my summery Giselle dress gets ready to parteh in this gold-threaded plaid. I would probably throw a fitted brown cardie over it and wear lovely gold heels.

I like this pattern a lot because it fits really nice over the boobs and (once I took in about an inch per side) the bodice looks really sexy-yet-nice, like, I know I got it, I just don't need to serve the boobage on a platter. However, I might ditch the belt and go with a bought leather-type belt instead.

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