Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Fall Five from IKEA

We took Dad to IKEA a couple of months before he passed. He had never been there before, and he was amazed by the displays, the sheer amount of products, and the prices. I never got to take him there for breakfast, but I know he preferred his coffeehouse, where he could chat with friends.

For fall, I am looking at these:

1 - MALM storage unit - $69. I have been looking for a shoe storage solution in the entryway and this piece goes with the light-colored furniture in our living room and also fits the required measurements.

2 - LINGO magazine files - $2.99/4. For that price, how could you not? I would choose the red/white floral print but they also have blue and a bright stripe option.

3 - along with these LINGO storage boxes - $7.99/2. I bought a couple of boxes that are blue/green striped, so those will be going to my oldest boy's bookcase, while mama gets some pretty red flower boxes, both to store, and for holiday decor.

4 - ERSLEV rug - $29.99/6'7"x4'7". This is the perfect neutral rug for my bedroom. The dark red color mirrors the burgundy accent wall while contrasting the beige/gold sponge finish on the rest of the walls. It also helps ground the bed in the room, which is a rather offset shape.

5 - SOLIG solar-powered light chain, $19.99/8 globes. I absolutely love these in the cream color for lazy evenings. Our backyard gets a lot of sun during the day and I think these would work quite well.


  1. Ikea's storage options (and prices) really are second to none. I love that they're now doing solar and LED lighting options, too.

  2. I wish I had an Ikea close to me. I love their selection and great prices.