Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for . . .

being safe and sound after our little adventure this past Saturday.

The boys and I were traveling from our home (point A on map) to visit my mom, sis and her husband up in Chester (point B) and got caught in a major freak snowstorm. We caught a patch of ice and skidded sideways across the freeway into the snow-covered mountain. I tried to steer the car so the front would take the impact, since the boys were in the back, and it worked, but there was some damage to our car, and we couldn't continue.
I am incredibly thankful for:

The kind gentlemen who stopped to help us. They got us unstuck from the side of the road and one of them eve offered to drive us to Chester, but I couldn't just leave the car where it was.
The police officer who took us back down to Chico, helped me get the boys and our gear in his car and got us to the repair shop.
The tow truck driver who didn't charge me for the extra miles to tow the car to Chico.
The fact that my brother-in-law works for the same hotel chain as the place we stayed in Chico that night, and got us a discount.
The luggage rack I chose to keep in our hotel room, because it was a jungle gym for my boys.
Having bought Cheerios and Froot Loops, milk, oatmeal and yogurt earlier that day because it tided us over until we got into the hotel and ordered pizza for dinner.
My sweet boys, who were a little rowdy at first but in the end, slept like champs, and let me sleep after a scary and confusing day.
My in-laws and our friend J, who offered to drive to get us that evening, driving through the night if needed.
My wonderful husband, who didn't care what I had done to the car (even though money is very tight around here) but just wanted to make sure we were okay. Since we were set up for the night in a hotel room, we agreed that he would get us the following morning. He left at 3am and got to us by 8am, as we were having breakfast. I drove home and he tried to catch some sleep on the way.

Our car is supposed to be ready today so my husband and his dad are going to make the 4 hour drive there, and 4 hour drive back to get the car.

I feel so terrible about what happened, I am not a reckless driver, and at first we thought I'd bent the axle - not that I know what that means - but it turns out it was the strut that got bent, which can happen at lower speeds.

I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, I hope your holiday weekend is a wonderful one!


  1. Thank you so much for your comment on our new little sweet pea...what a Thanksgiving blessing she is! :)
    I am SO glad you all didn't get hurt in your accident, God's hand must have been upon you and your boys. :) You were very blessed with all the wonderful people that were there to help you. I always like to think when something bad like that happens, it's keeping me from something else that could have been even worse. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!
    Missy :)

  2. So happy to hear you and your family were unharmed in the accident! How scary that must have been.
    Hope you have a great week!

  3. Oh my goodness! SO HAPPY you are all OK and safe! Your a doll to help me out! Everything is up and running!
    Thanks for reading