Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Five dollars later . . .

I decided to pop into Goodwill because I'm looking for a good entryway bench that's less than $100. Didn't find one, but I came upon this beauty - here she is, all decked out with faux fruit on my dining room table. Uber tacky I know, but until I find what I want, what I really, really want (ha) fake mini-apples it is.

I've been looking for glass jars to brighten up the house, but they've all been more than I wanted to pay, so for kicks, let's see what something similar to My Precious would have cost elsewhere.

Crate and Barrel has a similar one for $39.99.

Pottery Barn has quite the selection and the one that is the closest size to mine is also $39.99

This one from Tarjay is a surprising $35 smackaroos. Really, Target? You pay minimum wage and give a putrid 10% employee discount (I should know, I worked there not that long ago!) and you're charging $35 for this?

Even if Target were selling their jars for half the price, I honestly feel I got a great deal. I don't think my little purchase would have been there a day later so I am very glad I decided to pop in today.

Here are a couple of more looks at my pretty one:

I love how much I can display in there!


  1. Very neat find. You're right,these are surprisingly expensive everywhere else.

  2. Score! I love Goodwill finds!