Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Field Trip: The San Jose Heritage Rose Garden

With my two boys in school I have found myself with a few hours of "alone time" - and any mom can tell you, that is a rare commodity indeed. Although most of those hours are still filled with errands, I have decided to visit some interesting places around my turf, and the first one was the San Jose Historic Rose Garden.

Although many plants seemed to be suffering from last week's heat wave, there were still many gorgeous roses, check some of them out:

Want to purchase some of these roses? Your chance is coming up in October at the Garden's Fall Event - details here.

Thank you for visiting some of these old beauties with me!


  1. ah... i love roses.... have a rose garden at home and it is wonderful when i can have fresh roses by my bedside. : )

  2. Those flowers are beautiful! I am so glad you have found a few hours to do something without the kiddos! :)

  3. Lovely! I did a half marathon in San Jose last year and I think this rose garden was alongside our route. But it was about mile 9 or 10, so I wasn't really in a condition to notice very much about it!!