Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spring 2011 color forecast

It's kind of confusing to start thinking of Spring 2011 when around these parts it's not even cold enough to be considered Fall 2010!

But our kind friends at Pantone have compiled the colors that designers are naming as the top 10 for women's wear:

What do you think?

My favorite on that chart is definitely Beeswax, which is pretty close to the color I chose for my bathroom almost a year ago. For wearing, however, I stay away from yellows, and would not wear Lavender or Peapod, either. Russet would be my absolute favorite, with Honeysuckle and Coral Rose following.

I put together this little board with some items in Pantone's picks - enjoy!

Brinley Vee
$29 -
Cotton t shirt »

Tops - aerie
$20 -
Aerie tops »

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Goodies

What are you buying this fall? I hear the same mantra everywhere I go:

Military, Lace, Plaid.

Military, Lace, Plaid.

Miliplary, Place, Tad. Oh shit.

Do you understand now how my grocery trips get so complicated? When you're trying to remember "eggs, rice milk, orange chicken, bread" you're just bound to screw up.

Some pretties I have had my eye on for this fall:

Everything on this board is $50 or less - mostly from my home away from home, Old Navy.

What fall style are you yearning for?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Field Trip: The San Jose Heritage Rose Garden

With my two boys in school I have found myself with a few hours of "alone time" - and any mom can tell you, that is a rare commodity indeed. Although most of those hours are still filled with errands, I have decided to visit some interesting places around my turf, and the first one was the San Jose Historic Rose Garden.

Although many plants seemed to be suffering from last week's heat wave, there were still many gorgeous roses, check some of them out:

Want to purchase some of these roses? Your chance is coming up in October at the Garden's Fall Event - details here.

Thank you for visiting some of these old beauties with me!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Much maligned

Much derided, much mocked, much scoffed at.

I'm talking about appliques.

I know, the visions of Aunt Hilda's Christmas sweater come to mind, or a little girl's jacket with pink unicorns and fairies on it. But nowadays, with the revival of embellishment, appliques can be (key word is CAN) the finishing touch for a garment or decorative item in the home.

Given my love for all things fleur de lis, my first applique project was a little pillow:
I bought the fabric from the remnant bin and it was $1.82. You can't tell very well on the pic but it has metallic thread running through it and it makes for a sweet accent. Here it is on my bed - the duvet cover set was a gift from my sister, so the new bed look cost me under $5.
The applique racks ARE, sadly, mostly filled with animals and stars and too much glittery pink stuff but I'll be sure to keep scouting around to find a new treasure!