Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Changing the look of our boring, blah, bathroom

Our guest bathroom is quite small. And kinda dingy, to be honest. My darling husband found out 2 weeks ago that the paint on the walls was the Original Paint. A dirty, shiny white that flatters no one who has to look at themselves on the cabinet mirror at 7am. Since frugality is my middle name - actually, it's Sara, but you get my drift - and knowing that our boys have a couple of years left of splashing all over the wood floor during their baths, we figured a full remodel was not in the cards. Or in the budget.

However, a gallon of paint could definitely be used to transform this:

into something a bit cozier and brighter, where you don't feel like you've walked into a pediatric bathroom at the local hospital. The shower curtain might be there for a while, though, so my Versailles-type dream bathroom isn't gonna happen any time soon, but still, I think some changes might be doable!

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