Friday, October 23, 2009

And on the other side of the pond . . .

After the sensation British First-Lady-to-be Samantha Cameron caused with her off-the-rack M&S dress (pictured left), the shop has been smart enough to come out with another print variation in the same style. Yes, I know that she didn't quite go to the store and plunk down the 65 pounds it cost, but still, the choice is brilliant. While Ms. Cameron does, undoubtedly, have a great figure, the dress is not only on-trend but also very flattering.

Not in boring black and white but rather in a rich slate gray with haphazardly placed white polka dots, with great shaping at the waist and hips, and with the deliciously retro detail at the neckline, this is a wonderful dress whether you are built on the curvy or straight side.

I am not too crazy about the new print, it is a little too "optical illusion" for me and black and white has been played already - M&S should just cave and do the original dress print in a camel/ivory combination, or in a rich brandy color with beige polka dots. Even a dark chocolate would save this from the incredibly boring black and white combo.

In any case, at a price of only 55 pounds, it is not a bad offering all in all, and it is easily dressed up with a chunky bracelet and black heels. Check out the Marks & Spencer website for more affordable and stylish dresses.

However, the one that truly caught my eye is this one at left - only 49.50 pounds and you even get the necklace included! I absolutely despise overall Missoni-type patterns, I think that not only are they very aging and matronly, but you have to have the right insouciance to wear one. In this M&S dress, however, you have only the skirt done in the zigzag pattern and the result is that you have the top be a clean canvas for that statement necklace.

If you want to see a badly worn Missoni coat, just check out the hopeless Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, with shiny head, bad posture, and a coat that makes her look like a psychedelic bag of potatoes. No, no, my dear, only solid fabrics for you!

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