Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fabulous art - for cheap!

I love to have beautiful things up on my walls. Not only photos of my boys (of course), but also pictures of faraway places, timeless works of art, etc.

How can you get gorgeous images like these without breaking the bank?

Calendars, baby!

Check these out!

The oft-maligned calendar of foreign castles - there's about 30 variations of these out on the market, but gazing at these architectural beauties can perk up your cubicle real quick, so why not your home?

The castle calendar may be a cliche, but a framed shot of a faraway chateau can be a very elegant accent.

Now this is more my speed - I can get photos of beautifully done flower arrangements up around my rather stark office area AND also get inspiration for when I actually arrange flowers.

A good thing, as The Martha would say.

Images like these will make your dinner guests' mouths start watering even before they smell your delicious concoctions.

The best part is that, since you don't actually need the calendar part of it, you can buy last year's (or this year's, since we're almost at year's end) and find very cheap calendars that will reward you with gorgeous images to brighten up your home.

I got a DaVinci calendar and transformed it into this display for the upcoming holidays - I love the quiet soberness of it and look forward to putting it up on my mantel along with some candles and other goodies.


  1. The Farmer's Almanac calender for 2010 is featuring art from old seed catalogs. It's quite beautiful as well as useful! They are widely available, from bookstores to Lowe's hardware stores.

  2. Darn! I just saw it at Michaels but didn't get it, will definitely go back!