Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shopping local

No, I don't grow strawberries in my backyard (I wish!!!) but I do get gorgeous, sweet beauties like these from a local seller. He swings by every two or three weeks with flats full of perfect strawberries. The first couple of times he rang the doorbell I declined, but then I figured, he obviously is a regular in this area so I figured there was accountability. If the strawberries were crap I'd tell him off the next one. But they weren't. Not only they were NOT crap, they were all perfect. I am used to the ones from the store where you get a few good ones and then the bottom ones are all squished. Not these. I have bought every time since that first time and have yet to be disappointed.

My boys love them by the bowlful, I eat them plain or in smoothies, with a banana and/or yogurt, sweetened with honey, for a lovely and filling breakfast. I wanted to make strawberry shortcake, but the strawberries never lasted long enough for me to bake.

Support your local growers. Obviously be smart about it, I don't buy from the random truck that has "great leftover cuts of meat" that I've never seen before and will probably never see again, but if it's someone you see on a regular basis, or if there is a fruit stand nearby, check them out. I trust my strawberry guy and get a great deal on beautiful fruits, what could be better?

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  1. We use a community sustained agriculture farm in the summer and fall months and it is great to get the fresh, locally grown produce for our families! Beautiful picture!