Thursday, June 24, 2010

The front yard gets its turn

I've been sharing with you the ongoing saga of our veggie garden, but last weekend we tackled our front yard. We are lucky to have a grassy area for the boys to play in, but the borders around our entryway were a bit neglected.

Still, it was a shock coming home and finding my front yard in this state:

The free mulch we got on Craigslist did NOT smell pretty.

The good thing is, we had good, strong helpers.

Did you know that dinosaur pajamas give you extra strength?

This is the main are we would be tackling:

We played around with some plant layouts:

Dad changed our son's pj's for a really uncoordinated ensemble, but hey, it was comfy :D

The boys apply some glue to a piece of wood:

Then it goes on the wall:

Then the pretty fleur-de-lis hanging baskets are ready:

We also added some fern and gerbera daisies to the front door area (ignore my husband's shoes). Future projects include changing the nasty brass mailbox and light!

Bamboo on the right side of the entry:

The finished front garden - I love it! The space between the wavy border and the brick is going to be filled with stones and another secret project the boys will work on.

My husband is just amazing, he did most of the work on this because I had been mentioning that I would like to have flowers as well as my veggies out back. He even worked on Father's Day, shoveling a ton of that mulch to the back for the veggies. I love my front yard - the pretty bamboo, the lovely gerbera daisies, lavender, hydrangeas, I just love it!


  1. Now this is a gorgeous garden! You are amazingly talented!

  2. that looks super cute..i like the curvy feature and the window box. great job!

  3. Oh so lovely--your hard work really paid off!!!
    Really love the window box.

  4. I love your family so much. And you, of course!