Saturday, August 14, 2010

My favorite new book!

The new 2011 IKEA catalog is available! You can check it out here - it's funny because a friend and I were saying last night we need to go to IKEA one of these days. And you can also order your own copy.

Here are some lovely items I shall be looking for in my next visit!

Aryd block candle holder - $9.99 - I LOVE LOVE LOVE these, they come in two sizes and could be used in a group as a centerpiece or to flank the ends of a mantel.

Lonsboda candle holder - $3.99 - Oh my goodness, this one comes in my favorite color and I am telling you three of these lovelies are coming home with me. They have a poured candle inside but when that burns off you can certainly re-use the holder for tealights.

Sondrum photo frame - $4.99 for 5x7 - While I have bought many IKEA frames, I have usually decorated them in some way because I find them to be very minimalistic - this little frame, however, changes all that. The frame itself has a beveled edge and there is also a sweet bead detailing, plus it has a mat. This is a great value and yes, several of these will be coming home with me!

Kivsta shade - $25 16x10 - A little pricier than the usual IKEA shade, but this color is just about perfect for our master bedroom. Must see them in person first, though!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. These all look fab - I hope they're in stock when you visit. I agree, the frame is much more detailed than they normally offer.

  2. how do they do it?? (ikea) I'm gonna get there asap!