Monday, August 30, 2010


Yesterday, my husband undertook a moving-the-chess-pieces type project in order to have more room in his office, and to give me more room in the laundry room and the pantry.

It is all made out of cabinets we had, so no money was spent here, just my darling's labor. On the right you can see the cat food bin. Our kitties are very talented and will open the door by themselves so we had to put it up high.

Here is the pasta/canned goods/snacks cabinet. I used to have about three times the number of canned goods, most of which were black beans. I have made an effort to use what I have, as you can see ;D

Here's the booze - we have a little wine rack in the dining room but the hard liquor goes here. It looks like a lot because my dearest darling just bought a bunch of mixers, but we really don't drink a lot.

Here is the breakfast cabinet, the bottom shelf is the rice/soy milk my youngest and I drink, plus our beloved Cheerios, and coffee/tea/cocoa and more cereal are on the top.

I love all the extra storage. I'm working on a lunch bin so I can have all the goodies for my boys' backpacks ready to grab in the mornings.

I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Nice job Steve & Claudia! I'll bet you can't stop taking a peek...I love it when I get my pantry organized, and have to open the doors often to inspect my work! Just wished it would stay that way :)

  2. We have about the same amount of booze, and we only really drink occasionally,too.
    Love the idea of the lunch bin - very smart.