Monday, November 23, 2009

Everywhere a little sign of the season

I am a firm believer (I'm also a Firm Believer, but that's for another blog) in spreading the festivity of the seasons to every room in the house. Who cares if no one will enter your bedroom? I still like pretty candles dressed up to match the season, and even my bathrooms get a bit of sprucing up.

My main bathroom has an absolutely hideous, banjo-shaped counter, that extends from the sink area to all the way over the toilet. I hate the thing because it's far from my aesthetic, but it does have its merits, and right now a major bathroom reno is not in the budget.

I felt a little bit of fall should be displayed, and the bright orange combined with my cheerful yellow walls makes the little bathroom glow with its own light.

And in 4 more days it's getting a new layer of Christmas goodness!

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