Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thanksgiving garland, kid style!

It's a cold and windy November day chez nous, so we decided to brighten things up with a sparkly garland.

You'll need letter and fall-themed stickers - I found these leaf stickers on clearance, they have beads and sparkle on them, I loved them! And cardstock in fall colors, I chose dark yellow, brown, and green. Also, double-sided tape or glue dots, scissors, and a stapler.

Begin by placing your letter stickers - to spell Thanksgiving - on your lightest color cardstock. You will then cut squares with the letters on them, and mat them with a darker color cardstock.

Then take your green cardstock and cut out some thin arches, you will be placing your leaf stickers and your squares with the letters on these arches. I did 5 arches for my garland.

Place the leaf stickers and the letter squares on your green cardstock arches. I didn't like the green space between the letters so I added star stickers in the same fall colors.

Yes, we have a lot of stickers in this house. I didn't buy a thing to make this ;D

You should end up with your five arches looking like this. Leave a little bit of green cardstock showing at the ends of the arches with the leaf stickers on them.

Because then you will join them, placing the ends of the arches with letters on top of the arches with leaves.

I chose to staple mine . . .

And then placed a star sticker on top to cover up the staple.

The story of my life: use some sparkle to cover up the defects. It's a good philosophy that has worked well for me ;D

Then, hang up your Thanksgiving garland!

I stuck mine above the entrance to the playroom with double sided tape.

Not bad for an hour's work with my kids. My little one was more interested in doing his own thing, he took one of the green arches and spelled out MAWEEM, he was very proud of himself because he knew the letters :D

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