Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Festive Garland

Make this easy-to-craft garland with only a few items.

If you scrapbook or make greeting cards, chances are you will already have everything on hand.

Here is what you need. A couple of different sized punches, holiday-themed scrapbooking cardstock, illusion cord (or you could do it with ribbon), and glue, that's it!

Note: I use illusion nylon cord, not the stretchy kind.

Now, take your punches and cut out a bunch of different circles from scrapbook paper. I did a lot of holiday words and phrases, and then just the patterns from the paper. You could do other shapes, whatever you like, just make sure you end up with an even number of each size/shape.

Why an even number?

Because you are going to glue them in pairs.

Choose two circles of the same size, like these.

Leave about a foot off illusion wire free before you start.

Then take one of the circles (I do the pattern on the back so it doesn't really matter if it's straight) and, placing the cord through the center, apply a thin layer of glue.

Then cover with the other circle.

I do the word on this side so I can make sure the letters are aligned with the illusion cord.

Then you move on to the next one. At this point, I placed some weight on the pair I had finished so I could move on to the next one.

This is what the garland looks like after I've done a few pairs.

I alternated the big and small circles, but the next one I do (in red and green) I will do them more random.

Once your garland is the length you want, you leave about a foot of illusion cord free and cut it off.

To hang, you just tape it up wherever you want. I put mine up on a doorway, but you could also hang them in a child's room, or make two really long garlands and criss-cross them over the dining room table. In fact, I think that's what I am going to do with my red and green scrapbooking cardstock!

Enjoy this craft, share it, and if you like it, please comment - comments are love!


  1. Love it C, like all of your other nifty crafts. You get the perfect craft award in my book!

  2. Oh how I love garlands! Great blog and welcome to SITS! I found your blog through the Welcome board! :)

  3. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest. Thanks for the wonderful holiday idea!!!!

  4. Just dropping by to welcome you to SITS! I love this simple craft...What a great idea!