Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shamelessly stolen from Just a Girl

One of my favorite home blogs is Just a Girl - I love Chris's crafts and sense of style, so when she shared a gorgeous "cone tree" craft for the holidays, I knew I had to steal it.

Chris's trees are beautiful and elegant:

When we went to pick out the yarn, however, my oldest quickly grabbed the Christmas green yarn they had at JoAnn's, you know, the green with the sparkly gold thread throughout - and then I found some little sparkly pompoms that would go great with the finished tree. We're all about the sparkle over here ;D

The how-to is super easy, you just start covering the foam tree with glue and wrap it in your yarn of choice. Then add whatever adornments you want, in our case we did little pompom ornaments and a little cluster for the topper, and here you have it, our beautiful cone tree!