Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fleur de Lis is the flower for moi

Ballard Designs Towels

On the heels of the New Orleans Saints triumph at the SuperBowl, I figured it was a good time to share with you my passion for the design element known as the Fleur de Lis.

Anthropologie Dinnerware

Long held as the symbol of the French monarchy (and some others, but mostly it is representative of the French royals), the Fleur de Lis is a stylized representation of a lily flower, which is what the name means.

My decorating style is best described as "pared down with some ornamentation" - and I like my colors and elements to be strong. As a lover of all things history, I found the Fleur de Lis to fulfill my sensibilities - ornate to be sure, but not overdone, a few strong lines that make up a pleasing design that can be incorporated into many parts of the home.

Target Fleur de Lis wall art

Even before I consciously decided to begin collecting Fleur de Lis items - and no, I don't have a collection to speak of, this is the planning stage here - I had assembled throughout my house a few items that I liked, and it was only recently I realized they all had a Fleur de Lis motif.

Now that I purposely seek them out, I find these beautiful flowers everywhere, from wallpaper to jewelry, from dinnerware to towels. A charming element that transcends centuries - the Fleur de Lis is my favorite motif.


  1. Wow another blog by you! Love the Fluer di lis though I can't spell it!

  2. the same thing happened with me & zebra print, before I knew it - it was all over my house & handbags haha!

  3. It is a classic design and works really well with Earthen tones especially. I have a few items, by accident really, that have the Fleu de Lis and they are lovely.

    Came over from SITS...your name was above mine in the Sharefest.
    Hope that you have a great weekend!


  4. Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to blogging, I hope you have as much fun as I have. And please come back to visit me again.

  5. Those dishes are gorgeous! :) I love the fleur de lis pattern. I have one on the skirt of my desk. :) Thanks for the visit!