Friday, February 12, 2010

Today's plantings

My poor young'un, A2, had a horrible school drop off. He absolutely did not want to go to school and I had to scrape him off the floor in order to get him to his teacher. I came home and needed some zen time, so I asked my oldest, A1, to help me plant the rest of our newest seedlings.

Here's my serious helper posing with some joi choi we planted earlier this week. I was sick as a dog with an allergy attack and only managed to plant the joi choi and some onions before I gave up.

I spent $24.99 at the nursery for 8 six-packs of seedlings that included broccoli, the aforementioned joi choi and onions, peas and celery. Our spring onions are doing incredibly well but I wanted some big yellow/white onions as well. I've also started a spreadsheet to record what was purchased, how much it was, how well each plant produced, etc.

What are you planting these days? I can't wait for the summer planting!!

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  1. Wow how great to have a green thumb! Me, not so much. Thanks for visiting my blog :)