Sunday, February 21, 2010

Looking forward to ranunculus


I am looking forward to ranunculus. There are many flowers I love, but this beauty has taken my heart fairly recently. It makes for a beautiful container bloom

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

BHG is right, ranunculus do look like "they're made of crepe paper" - the beautiful blooms are so vibrant and delicate, their color so saturated, that for a second it fools us into thinking it might not be real.

Photo: Martha Stewart

According to Martha: "Few flowers come in more hues than the ranunculus. Not just clean whites, pale yellows, and bright pinks, but also burnished coppers, neon greens, and even a creamy cafe au lait. Many lighter varieties are tipped with another shade, from lemon and rose to brick-red and magenta, lending them an added voluptuousness."

I'm waiting for warmer weather to plant my ranunculus - what flowers or plants are you looking forward to?

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