Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Promise for Lent

Due to a severe case of anemia which has plagued me my entire life, and which ended with emergency surgery being delayed because my blood count was too low to go through with it without transfusions, I will not be giving up meat this Lent.

Besides, giving up meat is hardly penance for me. I have had bouts of vegetarianism before and it wasn't too big a deal, and to me the true spirit of this 40-day vow is to give up something that will truly be missed. No offense to anyone who gives up meat for Lent or on Lent Fridays, this is just my personal view on things.

So, in order to honor the spirit of this promise, my choice for Lent 2010 is to give up purchasing, or otherwise acquiring, any and all craft items, AND also, to not start any new crafts during this time.

Not easy at all, when I've been lusting after Mirabilia's "Sabrina" - but no, the spirit of the thing is, nothing new. No new purchases. I have about a dozen Mirabilia patterns stashed somewhere in the garage, three of them already started, and I will work on what I have for the rest of the year.

Not easy, when I've been dying to try Alcohol Inks to make cards with, but then I remember I bought a super cool paper pack of 180 gorgeous ornate designs. I can work with that.

Not easy, with the gazillion ideas and projects out there that I want to try and emulate or adapt.

But that's the point for me. To give up something that's not easy.

That's my vow for Lent.

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  1. Wow. That is something to give up.
    A hard one. I would be super hard for me as well. Good thinking chicka!