Sunday, March 14, 2010

I've got two letters for you


If you are already familiar with this awesome chain from Sweden, then you know that they've got the most current styles of clothing, shoes, and accessories available for cheap. Even if your style is not to wear "the latest" (mine isn't), you can still find great jewelry and accessories like sunglasses, scarves and bags that can pull together the most basic outfit.

If you're not familiar with H&M, check out their website - unfortunately, they don't sell online to the US yet, but you can see if there's a store near you - believe me, it will be worth the trip - just take a look at some of their new items in this little collage I put together:

I can very easily see those three tops becoming go-to pieces this summer. They are so lovely and feminine, the blue especially I love that it is a soft shade but incredibly saturated.

The little dress, as well, would look lovely with a sweet beige cardigan - hmmm, I just happen to have one in my closet, figure that! - an armload of bracelets, and some kick-ass heels.

That light blue in the sandals is a shade I don't see often in shoes, and maybe this is the year to add some color to my usual black/brown/neutral shoe rotation. According to my husband, my skin is perma-tan, and tanned legs would look great with that pale blue.

I added pretty colors in the form of the scarf and bracelets, nothing outrageous, nothing too trendy, but what a sweet pop of bright after these rainy days! The belt and bag, of course, are in basic colors that should be in everyone's wardrobe.

What do you think - is a visit (virtual or real) to H&M in your future?

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