Sunday, March 21, 2010

Upgrading the master bedroom

We have a neutral/dark red thing going in our bedroom - our linens are all beige, tan, burgundy, cream, or some combination thereof. But there's something our be lacks. Pillows. Combined with the fact that we don't have a headboard, either, our bed feels kinda collegiate in its minimalism.

Oh, we have the pillows for our heads, but until now I've been okay with not have decorative pillows on there. However, I've come to embrace the fact that accent pillows can be a budget-friendly way to make a bed look more finished.

My sweet mama taught me how to make envelope pillow covers and I can tell you, once my craft abstinence is over after Lent, I am going to be whipping up some pillow covers left and right.

I love this set from Horchow even if it's a little overboard - the burgundy and gold print is very similar to the print on our duvet cover, I am definitely leaning towards making a mix of covers so they can be as versatile as possible.

Since I don't have fabric to match my duvets I wouldn't have something like this from Pottery Barn, but I don't like matchy-matchy anyway. I like the idea of picking up a color, like the solid green accent pillow, that can perk up a more neutral base of pillows.

I LOVE this from Martha Stewart - the mix of blues, browns and patterns. This is more my style - making a few pillow covers that can be mixed and matched with our bedding sets and look equally appropriate to all of them.

While I heart floral patterns in golds and burgundies, I respect the fact that this bedroom is also my darling husband's. So maybe just one ultra girly, floral, beaded and fringed pillow cover for now ;D

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