Monday, March 8, 2010

While Sandra, Mo'Nique, and Kathryn . . .

were busy accepting awards and going to swanky post-Oscar parties, me and mine were busy doing some pre-rain partying in the backyard.

My lovely husband got me pretty border flowers for the, uh, border along the deck.

He also got some strawberries, seeing as they are the summer snack of choice for the boys. We get ours from our local strawberry vendor, we often run out in between his visits, so hopefully this plant can fill in the boys' bowls and prevent me from getting those nasty supermarket strawberries, where only the top layer is good and the underneath is a gloppy mess.

My green onions, omigosh, I would LOVE to thank the academy for these beauties, except the academy didn't do anything - my fragrant onions have spruced up many omelets and dinners, not only at my house, but in many others, because I often give them away. As you can see, I can barely keep up with eating what they produce!

But in life, we need more than green onions, i.e. yellow, white, and red onions, so I've planted some of the yellow variety and if they produce half of what my green onions have, I will be incredibly happy.

Despite having the distinction of being the only person who can't grow tomatoes, my husband got me this Early Girl plant, and I will not jinx it by saying anything about expectations or plans for tomatoes.

My lovely chard doesn't seem to be making much progress, I think anything leafy around here just calls to any and all critters that feast on free salad, which brings us to the last picture . . .

This is the new wire fence around our bok choy, which has definitely been feasted on. I actually walked out one day to find two of the neighborhood cats taking turns. I threw an under ripe avocado at them and it worked, but we needed a more permanent solution.

This latest planting cost us around $50 with the wire accounting for roughly $30.

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  1. Look at the signs of spring in your neck of the woods. I am dying to get started on my garden. We don't plan until Mother's Day here.