Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Frugal Vacation

We just got back from a Very Very Frugal Vacation. How frugal, you ask?

Well, the cruise was free! Courtesy of my lovely MIL, who came up with the idea when I said I'd never been on a cruise, and who also watched my lovely boys while the Hubster and I meandered along island roads for 10 days. My plane ticket was also free, bought with our miles.

Oh my, it was glorious. For all the moms and caretakers out there, let me just say this - Naps Whenever I Wanted Them. Is that just fabulous or what?

Thanks also to FIL and Auntie D who helped with the Boy Wrangling duties. I gots lots of pics and tales to tell but for now let me leave you with this, enjoyed in the place where it was created, in the lovely city of San Juan on the lovely island of Puerto Rico. Yes, I use the word "lovely" a lot. I'm an anglophile. Deal with it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a PiƱa Colada:

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