Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well, not really disaster, but really, a sad thing in our garden.

My oldest and one of his little buddies decided it would be fun to rip out all my Early Girl tomatoes and throw them to the roof of our gazebo.

My baby tomatoes, the ones I was so looking forward to eating soon, mercilessly ripped from their uh, branch, before they were ready and thrown to bake in the hot California afternoon.

Sorry, no picture. I can't bear to take a picture of my poor destroyed plant. S said there's 6 more tomato plants that are already starting to sprout. Yeah yeah. These were MY babies. Indulge me in a moment of self-pity amidst the knowledge that I have a really good life and a great family.


  1. Oh honey! Such potential they had: a caprese salad. I empathize with you!

  2. thanks love. I do have many more tomatoes coming up so not a total loss, but still . . .