Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two Girls and a Boy

Aren't they pretty???

I just love how bright and luscious they look. They took about a week to turn from green to orange and finally to red. My oldest was very interested in this process.

I knew I wouldn't remember to dry-farm them, which is what some recommend doing with Early Girls, so I figured that, this year, it is a victory simply to have vegetables to eat at all.

Our corn took a while to mature, but last week when Mom was visiting, I asked her to see if they were ready, because I honestly have no idea when anything is ripe or ready to pick.

She said they were definitely ready and three ears of corn went directly from stalk to the pot, where they boiled a bit and then were devoured. The first two by Mom, me and the boys, and the last one by my husband, who promptly declared that he was "almost full" just from eating the corn alone.

My oldest, who hasn't touched corn in months, devoured his corn and even started to eat this one - that one I had saved for S's dinner - while I was taking the picture :D

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