Sunday, August 9, 2009

Whoo! Look at all this dust!

It's been ages! Well, I finally decided to pick up my sewing machine again, so to speak, and made some curtains for our gazebo. We LOVE our gazebo, love having dinner out there, love hanging out while the boys play in the backyard.


The afternoon sun hits the gazebo and although it doesn't look that strong here, believe me, it gets pretty uncomfortable. Even at dinnertime it is hard to enjoy yoruself out there with the sun right in your eyes.

So Steve and I decided to make some curtains:

This morning I tried out the gazebo and it was just lovely.

A shady little haven in our hot backyard.

And I can still see the boys (or at least their legs) as they run around the yard ;D

I was going to put a nice border on it but I like the rustic look better and just added some ties so we can secure the curtains on windy days.

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