Friday, April 2, 2010

A bedroom remodel

Call it the domino effect - we got these great curtains for our bedroom in a rich chocolate black-out fabric, which led to thinking about repainting our entire bedroom, so now we'll have a new canvas and I'm thinking there's many, many possibilities in store.

The curtains, btw, were from good old WalMart - they work wonderfully and with the $11/per panel price tag, we might add a couple more for fullness. We layered them with these gold embroidered panels we had for a lush look.
Our walls are currently done in off white and light gold, in a sponge finish, and we plan on doing something similar this time but in slightly richer colors.

To balance the chocolate curtains, I am considering a vibrant Van Gogh print on the opposite wall - the end result would be similar to this:
Needless to say - we are not afraid of color. Our dining room/kitchen is a deep rust color that my husband picked out - he loves the warm, welcoming feeling and our guests do, too.

I am very excited to share every step of our bedroom redo and hope you stick around for the final reveal ;D

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