Saturday, April 24, 2010

The art above my desk

During our recent Caribbean cruise, I snapped a few pics at Orchid World in Barbados. It was, as the name indicates, an orchid-lover's dream. Every type, every color, every shape of orchid was beautifully represented there.

When I came home and posted some pics, I was incredibly flattered when a dear friend asked if she could have one of the pics to put up in her home. Of course, I said, and then thought, why shouldn't I have some of these framed and put up in my home?

The end result was this:
they reside above my computer monitor and provide a splash of color on cold, dreary mornings.

The frames were $3.99 each on clearance at Michaels, and the prints were 99 cents each. Can't beat that :D


  1. These are wonderful! I confess, I tried something similar during our vacation in Hawaii, but have not followed up with prints.
    Lovely to meet you today :)

  2. It was great meeting you as well - you should totally do it!