Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Frugal Spotlight: Springdream Jewelry

I am starting a feature on the blog to shine a big, bright spotlight on people, businesses, places, etc. that provide great value for cost. Isn't that what living frugally is all about? Getting the best you can for what you pay.

My first Frugal Spotlight is none other than Springdream Jewelry - I met designer extraordinaire Stephanie when I was planning my wedding and was making jewelry myself. I saw that Springdream was highly recommended, we started talking, and seven years later, Stephanie and I remain friends. I had the pleasure of chatting with her the other day:

Welcome, Stephanie – how would you describe your jewelry?
Right now I would say it looks very springy. I live in Colorado where it's cold and everything is dead for months on end, so I look forward to spring all through winter. I have lots of colors and flowers in the jewelry right now because of it.

How long have you been making jewelry?

I have been making jewelry since I was in High School, but I would hardly get too excited over that stuff! I have been making jewelry more seriously though for the last 10 years when I started my bridal line (prior to getting married).

What does value mean to you as a consumer and how does that influence your pricing?
I will admit I am a cheap person. I make nearly everything I can (including all my cleaning products, etc). As a consumer I find value in things that are "unique" more than anything else because I think that people like to feel special and different. I also like to try to support individuals such as myself that are "makers". I try to make sure that I can always keep my costs low in order to offer affordable and unique jewelry at the same time. That way people can have something that will get them compliments and make them feel pretty while not breaking the bank.

Your pieces are so beautiful and delicate, how do you go from inspiration to the finished product?
I spend a lot of time on the internet searching for cool findings that I can add to my designs that are popular (birds, butterflies, flowers, etc), but I like to find new ways to make things with them, or take two styles and put them together. I try to think of my friends for inspiration and pay attention to the trends they pick up on and then find another way to make something similar but with my own style attached. I will admit, I get bored easily and "my style" changes like the wind.

What piece from your collection would you recommend to the first-time Springdream customer?
I think that all depends on the person, but I have two styles that seem to get a lot of attention. My first is the "Romantic" collection that uses silk flowers in an asymmetrical style. I haven't been able to find those flowers for some time now, so what is left is all I have unless I get lucky and find them again. The other one is from my Casual line with the lucite (german plastic) flowers that are asymmetrical. Everyone seems to love those as well. Both collections are one of a kind.

Thank you, Stephanie, for talking to us, and congratulations on your recent feature on the Etsy front page!

Now, Mother's Day is coming, wouldn't you love to give your mom, his mom, any mom, yourself if you are a mom, a beautiful piece from Springdream? To make it even more enticing, Stephanie is offering $5 off her already super low prices if you mention my blog in the Message to Seller section when you place an order from her Etsy shop. Go check it out!


  1. Those pieces are stunning!! Truly beautiful!


  2. So pretty and inexpensive, too!

    I'll be shopping there tonight!