Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For future reference . . .

We were looking for one of our house paint colors today so I figure I should have all our house colors somewhere I can always look them up :D

Yes, I know, that burgundy. You see, I used to LOVE burgundy, and still do, but when we do our master bedroom redo, that burgundy is going away. And the two golden tones were done in a sponge finish so they are mixed together. We still like the sponge finish and the neutrals so I think we will keep those.

The living room was a dreary grayish peach, a la "my spinster aunt's parlor" - it was really dark and oppressive even though the color wasn't that dark, but it was hideous, so I chose a very sunny color and voila, big and gorgeous living room.

Our former office was painted light blue per my husband's preference. Then we bought paint to match (we thought) when we needed to touch things up for our second son, and oops! ended up with the upper third a lighter color than the rest. Oh well, he doesn't care.

My husband thought our finished kitchen looked like a Chili's restaurant. All brick red and tan, but hey, he chose the red for the walls. We love it, though, it's full of color and with all our wrought iron details, totally us.

Our bathroom was recently painted in Ralph Lauren's Chamois. Which is really close to Sunporch from the master bedroom, now that I think of it.

My older son's room is a different post altogether. A huge DIY project that my husband and his friend undertook, I shall post about it some other time :D


  1. Hiya, stopping by from SITS! I love all those colors, very warm and inviting. You should post a pic of your kitchen!!

    Have an Extraordinary Day!

  2. I know, we're redoing some stuff right now so as soon as it's all finished I will - thanks for visiting!

  3. Your kitchen colors are very like your blog background, no?
    I adore the living room's Peanut Butter, but I confess it might be more due to the name than the color. I fell for Half Moon Bay for an accent color in one of our bathrooms ;