Thursday, April 15, 2010

Summer goodness in the ground

We hit our favorite plant place, OSH, last week since it was time to get our summer veggies in the ground and they were having a 2-for-1 sale. We have had good luck with OSH plants and had decided to expand last year's garden since it had been such a roaring success.

Check out the bok choy we planted a few weeks ago!
It's going to be great in a stir fry, yum yum.

The chard is doing wonderfully:
We lucked out in that the next 2 days it rained a lot so the soil had a chance to settle.

Gorgeous butter lettuce:

Last but not least, I got some flowers.
These pretty dahlias are going to brighten up my veggie land of green :D

Most of our available ground has been taken so I think that's it for this year's planting, but we'll see. We also planted corn and bell peppers, last year's corn was sweet and delicious, I hope as much this year!

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