Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inspiration from YHL

I am obsessed with Young House Love - I have literally spent an entire afternoon watching all the videos, going through the FAQs, I swear the amount of ideas I have gotten from YHL (honey, can we make a headboard? I saw it on YHL!) are neverending.

But since I am nothing but practical, I figured I would put my obsessive energy into a practical endeavor and here you have it, my inspiration board for our master bedroom.
We already have the chocolate curtains and my darling husband is on board for the mirror. He is not quite sure about the bright blue accents but honestly, it's about fricking time we had some actual art in our house. Hanging my old cross-stitch all over the place is not doing it anymore!

The warm yellow background is roughly the color of our walls, although ours have a sponge finish. I have successfully decluttered this room of all extra bins, bags and boxes and today I went through my dresser and rearranged everything, while tossing out some old clothes. Tomorrow I am tacking my closet - I mean, my rod, since we share the measly closet and get a rod each. Pathetic I tell you, but much like the lovely First Lady of YHL, I am looking to have a more pared down and efficient wardrobe.

Wish me luck!

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