Monday, April 26, 2010

Field Trip: The Petaluma Antiques Fair

A few weeks ago, the always fabulous Centsational Girl posted about this gem of a fair - the Petaluma Antiques Fair. Lots of gorgeous old things (and I don't just mean me, thank you) for not that much. Or at least, not as much as I expected.
Look at this sweetheart. If I didn't already have two naked boys running around my backyard I would bring him home.

Same here. If the aforementioned naked runners weren't trampling every delicate thing I own, I would have purchased some of these lovely tea cup sets. We have wolf mugs. And that's it. They're my husband's from before her met me, of course, I would never have allowed such wild animal displays in my home. Oh wait, naked running boys. Hmmm.

See, this is more my speed. A tool box for my manly husband, that can also hold pretty flowers for me. Win-win.

I liked the church relics from France, but more than anything I just wanted to grab those Provencal tablecloths and run. I don't think the vendor would have been happy.

On the way to lunch with the gang, I walked into an antique shop. At that point I'd been walking about 3 1/2 hours and this bed was calling my name. Then I went to the bathroom and saw an antique item (allegedly) from Mexico, but it had a Peruvian flag on it. Mm-hmm. Girl, I was born and raised in Peru and this whole "oh y'all Latin people are all the same" shit kind of rubbed me the wrong way and I told the counter lady their "antique" was all wrong and to stop calling Peruvian things "Mexican".

No, I didn't. I just asked where they'd gotten it and she had no clue. Oh and by the way, potatoes are from Peru. Not Ireland. I know, right? I'm going to tell See's Candies to stop making those Irish potato things for St. Patrick's Day.

After the antiques store lady threw me out of her shop (kidding!) I joined the lovely ladies and the gracious Mr. CG for lunch at Risi Bisi. Oh my goodness. I love to try pumpkin ravioli wherever I can find it and this one was deee-licious! I delicately cleared my plate while surreptitiously looking to see if anyone else (three of us ordered it) was leaving any pieces behind. Damn. Everyone ate theirs. The bread was yummy, too, as was the veggie mousse Mr. CG shared with us. At the end we got two orders of tiramisu on the house and it took all my willpower to not grab them and run off before anyone else could get a bite. So good.

Who's in the pic? Ok, from left to right:
Kate from Centsational Girl, Kim from Yep They’re All Mine, photographer (and future blogger!) Marie, Pauline from Struggling to be Stylish, and yours truly. Great food and even better company - a perfect Sunday!


  1. Dang, I missed those cute toolboxes! We are definitely in need of one of those.
    It doesn't give me much confidence in an antiques store if they can't even label the origins of their stock properly... but well done for locating a bathroom - they were in somewhat short supply!

  2. Claudia - I didn't know you knew Centsational girl, I only discovered her once i moved out here to VA totally love all her posts.

  3. CG is fab, isn't she? I want to make those rolls you posted, Wendy!

    P - well, you know, us Latinos are all the same, not like it matters or anything . . . :D