Sunday, April 18, 2010

My last clothing purchase for 2010

In the past few weeks I have come to a decision that will encompass the rest of the year.

I will not be purchasing any clothing items, shoes or accessories for myself until 2011.

The main reason is that I am determined to work on our house and want to put as much of our limited funds as I can towards taking our home to the next level, and considering I am well set in clothes, this should not probe much of a hardship. The only purchase I foresee being tough to delay is a new pair of black ankle boots. I've had mine for 15 years and they're in good condition but little things are starting to happen with them and had I not taken this pledge I would probably have already bought a new pair. But spring is here and I won't think of boots until October or so. And hopefully I can scrape by until the new year :D

So my last purchase was a hat, because now I am on retinoids for acne and need to keep my face from the sun - I needed something more manageable than my big floppy hat I got for the cruise and the little caps I have. I found the perfect hat for $7, although I kind of look like I'm going on safari. Hmm.

Wish me well!

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  1. I'm not sure I have the willpower to do quite the same, but recently I've also acknowledged the need to scale back on clothes purchases, to free up some cash for house-y bits. Basically, I find myself standing in a store thinking, would I rather have a $40 top or a $40 pillow? The pillows seem to be winning.
    Jane in the UK did this last year, I believe, and she allowed herself to spend gift money on clothes, as well as any money she made selling clothes on Ebay. You could probably fund new boots from those options!